The BabycareTENS Story
Body Clock Health Care had regularly been asked to supply TENS units for childbirth. In the beginning, this was mainly by physiotherapists and other medical professionals who were looking forward to having their own babies. Gradually, word spread and we were receiving more and more requests. As a result, they developed the first TENS machine specially designed for the obstetric use, the 804OB. Demand grew, mainly due to the best advertising of all word of mouth.

In 1993, Karen, the daughter of Body Clock’s Managing Director was familiar with TENS via her mother, so she was confident that she could produce a great strategy for the TENS market. Her theoretical creation was a TENS company that dealt exclusively with ladies in labour. She called it,BabycareTENS – this was her baby.

The response was  tremendous. BabycareTENS was exactly what countless ladies needed something they could use to relieve the pain of  childbirth without the use of drugs.

Since creating  the labour market, BabycareTENS has remained the leader in its field. The trusty 804OB has now been changed  by  newer models such as the Elle TENS and Obi TENS. It is flattering that others have tried to copy us but we believe that the original is always the best. We have grown from strength to strength  thanks to having great products and tremendous customer service.